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I endeavor to support small businesses now more than ever. I had the pleasure of trying out a new experience yesterday. One I don’t think I will soon forget.

The Release Room in Elk Grove, California is a family friendly place people come and release any tension, anger, stress, frustration, or just have fun smashing things. It is physical so as you are going through the activities your body releases healthy endorphins in place of any negative emotions. Created by Raynisha and Devyn McDonald, The Release Room was an idea birthed from civil unrest in 2020 and the need to have a healthy mental outlet during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Release Room is fun. They allow you to break and smash different objects and glass. To throw things, to use a sledgehammer on an old car and so much more.

While there are other smash rooms, the Release Room is unique because Raynisha and Devyn are educated in psychology and counseling. They offer optional counseling after your session. They walk you through breathing and mediation techniques for stress you can use ongoing at home.

My favorite part was smashing a printer with a bat and smashing a glass window with a golf club.

You can schedule a session by appointment only. It is safe and they take COVID-19 precautions very seriously. Only one group is allowed in at a time.

IG: @ReleaseRoomEG

FB: Release Room

Melanated Mom podcast is one of my personal favorite podcasts. This podcast feels like girl-time hanging out with a friend. it is pack with good information and a fresh perspective on motherhood in general. Melanated Mom has children ranging from ages 6 to 23, so she is full of both wisdom and understanding on how to raise creatives. She focuses on also taking care of yourself as a mom. She often talks about preserving your peace and enjoying the season you are in with your children. I have listened to every episode, but her recent episode “Money Talk with My Little Banker” is a good one to jump into. I really enjoyed learning how My Little Banker incorporates financial education with her young children.

IG: @Melanatedmompodcast

FB: Melanated-Mom

Podcast Link: Melanated Mom

Authentic Talks with Shanta – This episode title “Let Go” was all about things to let go of in order to make the changes you want to make for the new year. She lists which behaviors and habits can get in your way of your goals. She also lists different ways to make incremental change. Focusing on the one thing to let go of that would make the biggest impact to move forward. I love that her advice is practical and tactical. This episode was 15 minutes but I looked at her other episodes and most of them are with a guest and about an hour. I believe this episode is a good intro and I subscribed to listen to future episodes.


IG: @AuthenicTalks

Podcast Link: Authentic Talks With Shanta

This..I… Do…For…Me: Over 50, Black and Fabulous! – Doesn’t the name hook you? Love this podcast. Her audience is primarily black women over 50 and loving it. “Women who are 50+, not sitting around waiting to die, but going after what they want”. I just love that. This season she is focusing on women entreprenuers. Valerie Avery Hargrett shares her history in her career and how she turned a property into a combination Airbnb and a bed and breakfast. I love this idea because it is never to early or late to follow your dreams. Check it out.

IG: @ThisIDoForMe

FB: This I Do For Me

This I Do For Me: Over 50, Black, and Fabulous

I was introduced to Tynee Talks through a group on Facebook. She sent me a link to listen to her podcast and I did. I first listened to was Ep. 36 Tynee Talks: The State of Black Greeks feat. Bright Girl Media. I was particularly interested in the topic because my good sister friend has recently pledged to one of the historically black sororities mentioned in the podcast. Tynee and her guest hosts are both members of the same sorority as my dear friend. I was intrigued thinking they would merely focus on all of the reasons everyone should pledge and I was mistaken. This was a thoughtful conversation about the pros and cons of the organization and why there is a perception that sororities and fraternities today are not living out their original mission. It was an eye-opening discussion. She also had another guest who is not apart of an organization and gave him the opportunity to discuss why he has not pledge. Really an all around great discussion delivered with both humor and history. Keep up the great work Tynee. Check her out on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.

Abroad & Co. – Okay, so I almost listened to every episode of this blossoming podcast. Abroad & Co. is all about teaching millennials how to see the world by living and working abroad. This newer podcast is 7 episodes in and knocks it out of the park every time. Topics range from language emersion to how to find your dream job. I found the subject matter and guests very refreshing. If you are even remotely interested in the idea of living abroad or traveling for extended periods of time, I highly recommend this podcast.

IG: @itsaboadandco

Podcast Link: Abroad & Co.

Lazy Parenting with Stephanie Kennedy – I listened to 2 episodes from Stephanie, her tag line is all about raising kids who independent thinkers, who can reason, and are self sufficient. No surprise here but her latest episode resonated most with me. Topic: Help! My Kid Hates to Read. Stephanie invites you into her life and makes you feel like you are a friend sitting to have coffee. In this particular episode she give practical tips and real life studies to foster a love of reading in child. I love that.

IG: @LazyParenting

FB: Lazy Parenting

Podcast Link: Lazy Parenting with Stephanie Kennedy

The Avenue Mama – Okay, so I chatted with Avenue Mama online briefly. She totally sold me on her brand with one comment and convinced me I need her in my life. Her message is for moms. If you can dream it, you can do it. So let’s go. If you’re a mom or any woman in business, know you can be entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or hustlers. I have already listened to 3 episodes. I like that her episodes are concise and on topic. Even if you don’t listen to podcasts, which I hope you do, check out her Instagram. I think you could pick any episode and jump right in with the Avenue Mama.

IG: @AvenueMama

FB: Avenue Mama

Podcast Link: Avenue Mama