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My last blog post was on December 29th, 2019. That feels like a lifetime ago. I wrote a post about all of the personal development books I loved or planned to read in the coming year, 2020. I was hopeful this would be my year to pursue many dreams and goals that had been on my heart. I am writing this on July 25, 2020 and I will tell you this year has not been anything I thought it would be. I wrote it down and many of goals and dreams have come true this year, just not in the way I thought they would.  I have had to pivot what I place value in many times this year.

I am writing post this months into the Coronavirus Pandemic. In short (if you are reading this in the future, here’s what happened), the world basically shut down somewhere around March 15th, 2020 in order to slow/stop community spread of the virus. I live in California and we were ordered to Shelter-In-Place. Schools were converted to distance learning and I simultaneously begin working from home. Yay me! Two full-time jobs.  As of July, a lot of the restrictions have lifted but there is continued efforts to stop the spread.


The books I have been enjoying this year so far have been books that reflect inward transformation. Shelter-in-place has forced me to sit down and really get to know myself like never before. I am finding joys in the simplicity of this season.

Get Out Of Your Own Way by Dave Hollis – This book was released on March 10th, I preordered on Amazon and it was incredibly timely. Dave walk us through his journey of having somewhat of a midlife crisis. Shift his identity in many ways as he left high-powered corporate career at The Walt Disney Company to step into a life that challenges him to show up and be a better man for himself and his family.

Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker – I will forever refer to this book as the book that helped me realize I was an introvert. This book was also released on March 10th, I read it right after Dave Hollis’s book. I listened to the audiobook version of this book and bought the hard copy, because there were so many times I need to highlight. The audible version is full of bonus materials and commentary from Jen that was not included in the book. It is hilariously thoughtful about how to live comfortably in your own skin. I will give this book a 3rd listen, it is that great.

I’m Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi – OMG! Why didn’t anyone tell me about Luvvie? I Luv her so much. This book was written in 2015 and is called the Do Better Manual. She hilariously discusses all of the ways she is judging pop culture, our obsession with social media, religion, even raped culture. I listened to the audible version of this book. Luvvie has titled herself as professional troublemaker. In this book she challenges our believe systems. Please do yourself the favor, read, or listen to it.

Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk – This is an eye-opening book on relationships. How to communicate needs and boundaries with people while “keeping your love on” preserving community. It is for all types of human relationships no matter what stage of life you are, but I would specifically like to recommend it for anyone married and especially newlyweds.


As a bonus, I have also read a couple of books on nutrition and recipes, since you know I have been at home.

Body Love by Kelly LeVeque

Real Life Dinners by Rachel Hollis


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